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can edrawings 2016 open a .slddrw file saved in Solidworks 2017

Question asked by Robert Bartz on Aug 28, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2017 by Andy Sanders

We installed edrawings viewer 2016 (free) fresh from from the website when it came out last year.

This year we installed Solidworks Pro 2017 on all the engineering PC's and are saving files in the 2017 version.

Is Edrawings 2016 supposed to open 2017 files. We have dozens of PC's on the shop floor with 2016, and we want to know if we have to upgrade them to 2017. One of the users got an error that said to install the document manager (from the web) he clicked yes and it worked. Question #2: If Edrawings 2016 works, does the doc manager need to be updated.


The IT department tested a machine somewhere and says it worked, but I get calls from the mfg plant saying it doesn't open- just wondering what the NORM is. (this is about opening .slddrw files saved in Solidworks 2017, SP3.0, not .edrw drawing files)


Thanks in advance for help.