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Best Methods - SolidWorks Images in Adobe Photoshop or InDesign

Question asked by Bill Hopcraft on Aug 28, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2017 by Keith Carter

Recently I was asked to create an product manual in MS Word and I posted about my problems with using SolidWorks images in that format.  Because creating the manual that way was such a pain, we're now trying to do it in Adobe InDesign 2017 CC and Photoshop 2017 CC.


What I've discovered so far is that if I save either a SW model or drawing as a Photoshop document, neither InDesign or Photoshop will open it. (A message pops up saying this version of the software can't open files of this type).


So far, the only thing I've gotten to work is saving an SW drawing as a .png file.  The trouble here, however, is that this only works if the drawing view style is set to Hidden Lines Removed.


What's the best way of using SW images with these Adobe products?