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#TASK convert to DXF slowing down as more configurations are processed

Question asked by Josh Olley on Aug 25, 2017



I've been using #TASK for a couple of months and found it to be a very useful tool.


I've mainly been using it to produce large quantities of DXF files, which are generated from one sldprt with up to 2000 configurations.


The issue I'm having is that the rate at which the DXF's are generated diminshes as more configurations are processed.


It's starts off creating around 10 minute, but after 20 mins it's down to just a couple per minute. The only solution I've come up with is to duplicate the part file and delete configurations so it can process batches of maybe 50-100 at a time. That means having to break the part file down up to 40 times if there are 2000 configurations and that's pretty time consuming in itself.


I've tried adjusting the settings so that Solidworks restarts every 50 files, but obviously that is on every 50 files, not every 50 configurations, so that hasn't helped at all.


I have about 40 more of these parts to process and it really would be useful if I could run them through faster and with fewer manual workarounds.


Anyone have any suggestions?