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Pack and Go

Question asked by Nicolas Ritter on Aug 25, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2017 by Hamed Ashrafi

Hello Solidworks Community


I do have a question about the pack and go process. We used to hire contractors to do our drawings which has recently changed hence I am trying to tidy up a few things. Following situation:

I have a folder with approx. 700 parts in them. 500 parts create an assembly of product 1 and 200 parts create an assembly of product 2. I would like to move the 500 parts (product 1) to a different folder. However, by selecting Pack and Go it takes all 700 parts. There is an option on selecting the parts manually but is there a way to take all 500 parts (including drawings, sub assemblies and main assemblies) to a different folder without sorting through them manually?