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how to set up section view partial BOM

Question asked by Jordan Gibson on Aug 25, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2017 by Jordan Gibson

Could use some help, getting frustrated and wasting time trying to figure this out. However it will save me an absolute ton of time if I can figure this out. Tried to lay everything out in a somewhat logical fashion.


See Full Assembly picture:an


This is my assembly I have made, my next step is making some for construction drawings for the float. I would like to start from the bottom up and lay out where each piece goes.


See Section View in assembly picture:


I created a new configuration (as per some suggestions I found via google on this forum) and even tried the "exclude these parts" option when you go to save the config.


issue 1) It didnt exclude them from the BOM
issue 2) It shows the assembly from the back end, not the side. I would like to show from the side - much more information.


See "what I want to make" picture:


This is the layout I would like, with the objects ballooned on the BOM only. then I want to work up the assembly and add in each layer and exclude the pieces I have already added. I suppose I could just go through each line in the BOM and remove it. I would have hoped there was a way to make a "BOM from Ballooned" or something.


Any insight to help make my workflow faster is appreciated.