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toolbox on local drive

Question asked by John Wayman on Aug 25, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2017 by Edward Poole

We use toolbox here.

The toolbox is on a server and each installation of solidworks points to that server location. That way, there is a single toolbox and everyone has the same parts in it. It works well, except:


It's soooo slow!


My network and sharing centre reports a 1.0Gbps speed on my local area network, so that's nice.

When I click on the Toolbox tab it takes 5-10s before it opens, then, once I have drilled down to the SHCS or whatever it is I want to place, it takes another 5-10s before I can see the thing on the screen.

Is it practical to have individual Toolbox installations on each local hard disk and somehow synchronise them with the one on the network when Solidworks starts up? That way, barring crashes , it only has to look at the network location once per day, rather than once every time I start to place hardware.

Maybe that way lies madness, I don't know, but if there were some means of easing the frustration of waiting for Toolbox, I would like to try it.

I know some of you have a mild preference in favour of in-house hardware, saved in a different location, ahead of using Toolbox, but let's leave that for another day. Assume we will continue to use Toolbox for now.


Any help appreciated, as always.


Solidworks 2016, SP5

Workgroup PDM

Windows 10 Pro