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multibody part properties

Question asked by Dean Baragar on Aug 24, 2017

I have a question trying to make my BOMs for multibody parts easier.

  Under the "Cut list" folder in the feature tree is a list of all the unique bodies.  I want to name these folders so that I can see which numbers are used all in one place.  I would then like to link this name, or part of this name to the "SW-Part Number" property for the purposes of my drawings and BOMs.  For example if I have a part file named "LF816" which contains bodies named 01,02,03..., I would like to be able to link these together so that my BOM reads the individual bodies as "LF816-01" etc.

So the value would be something like $PRP:"SW-File Name"-$PRPWLD:"CutListItemName", where I don't know what code for the second term would be.  Anyone know?