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Configurations: How to avoid multiple suppressed features in the Default configuration (and other configurations)

Question asked by Jerry Myer on Aug 24, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2017 by Jerry Myer

aka: Configurations - a ClusterFlip of Suppressed Features


I just want to know if I understand things correctly about Configurations.  I am not applying this to assemblies, btw.  (It seems like most posts about configurations are with respect to assemblies.)  Most of my work has been modeling parts from existing drawings rather than component design, so go easy on me.


Lets say I am just wanting to start off with a basic/default part design, and then I need to add features to it.  Each of these (new configurations) would be a new configuration and a different part derived from the Default.


So, what I end up with is a Default config part, but with multiple suppressed features in the Feature Manager Tree for each additional configuration.  Pretty soon there are many suppresed features displayed in the Default config and in each derived config.  I mean, I just feel inundated with suppressed features when I look at the Feature Design Tree.  And then, if I want to suppress a feature in the Default config, it makes it that much harder to find that suppressed feature in the Default config among all the other suppressed features.


Is this just inherently the way it is supposed to work?  or what am I missing?  Does anyone else care about filling up their Feature Design Tree with suppressed features?   or do you have  a technique for managing the suppressed features, like - do you just move all of the derived configs into a 'Configs' Folder in the Default config's Feature Manager Tree so you don't have to see all of them?


Here's a simplistic example, if that helps (attached).


[p.s. - if you don't hurry up, everything will snap to the midpoint of a line]