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    How to view and vote on Top Ten Enhancement list?

    Tony Tieuli

      I've seen many references to the SWW Top Ten Enhancement list but I've don't know where to see it or how to vote on it.

      Can anyone enlighten me?



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          Dennis Dohogne

          Tony, the list is not officially an enhancement request list.  Many times folks have posted things on the Top Ten List (a wish list) and people from SWX have replied that it is already an ER (Enhancement Request) or that the person should submit their idea as an ER.  However, it has become clear that the Top Ten List is a much more convenient way to suggest enhancement's so it has become a de facto ER forum.


          I have busted their chops on this since it is clear evidence the ER system (and for that matter the Knowledge Base and the SPR database) are so cumbersome that people don't want to use them.  SWX needs to dramatically overhaul these systems in order to make them better serve their purpose.


          This forum is great for sharing and refining ideas.  It is even easy to search.  The current ER system is none of those things.  However, as far as I'm concerned there is a fatal flaw in the Top Ten List, and that is that it has a finite and short life, at least for us forum users.  The Top Ten List is taken down from our visibility right before SWX World, never to be seen by us ever again!  Unbelievable!!  Just as we can search this forum for problems/solutions/tips for many years past we should also be able to glean that same information from the Top Ten List.  It is always a lively and active area with very good ideas.  Often the discussion around these ideas helps to refine the original idea, effectively giving SWX a clearer picture of what we want and perhaps even giving them some insight into how to provide it.  Usually there are also great comments from folks on how they currently accomplish the task without the suggested enhancement.  But, come SWX World all that great information disappears from our views.  WHY?!


          You have touched on a pet peeve of mine with SWX.  We can only hope that when the Top Ten List opens up this year around late October that they implement some new policies for the list.  Chief among them would be to keep the list available indefinitely.  Secondly, the list should be open to everyone on the forum, not just folks with an active maintenance subscription.  I hope that Matthew Lorono replies with just this news.