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    Update Function

    Stephen Bittner

      I created a simple work instruction and output a handful of images to a PDF.  The manager wanted to remove a lock washer from two of the screws, and these screws are SEMS screws.  They have an integral washer that is captive.  So I figured I could simply suppress the washer feature in the model of the screw and run an update in Composer.  Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.  It's only two screws right?  Didn't even add or remove a part....simply modified it slightly.  What could go wrong?


      I ran the UPDATE and all seemed to work well.  Then I got into looking at my views.  Every view had the screws hidden.  So, I simply turned them back on.  No problem.  Now I notice that the transforms that I performed were gone and the screws were returned back to neutral position.  Likewise,  the paths were no longer showing. 


      Long story short, I had to redo every view where those two screws were showing.  Frustrating and time consuming.  I imagine there is some very intuitive (sarcasm) thing I didn't do or some button I forgot to mash while holding my mouth just so during the process.  Can anyone enlighten me as to why such a simple thing turns into complete rework?  I feel like I got duped with this software.

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          Dirk Rautenberg

          Hi Stephen,

          i understand you changed the Solidworks assembly, by replacing some screws.

          Those NEW screws get new names/partnumbers.

          Then you update the Scene and old screws will be changed to new.


          If i understand correct, ist easy. Composer dosn't know those screws! The screws doon't return to neutral, they never leave neutral!

          Only if the geometry is changed, by usinfg the same structure and names in Solidworks, the update effects also in the views.

          If there are new parts, Composer dosn't know what to do with those parts? You have to rework some Content!

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              Stephen Bittner

              No.  They are the exact same file/model.  Nothing is new.  They were only modified slightly.  I only suppressed one feature in the part model of the screw.  I don't understand how this simple tweak causes a complete rework of the views that contain these models.

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                  William Morton

                  Hi Stephen,


                  When Solidworks Composer Imports a part it assigns a GUID (Globel Unique identifier) to the file. This can be found by going to File > Preferences > Advanced settings > Enable Debug Information > Click on the actor and scroll to the bottom of the Properties tab. You should now see a row named GUID.


                  If the GUID of the lock washer has changed, Solidworks Composer will strip the washer from your views as it is treating it as a new actor. If you want Composer to update correctly, you need to modify the Solid Bodies name to that of the original GUID name.


                  For example,




                  In Fig:1, the actor has a GUID name of 'PCluch Case', and in the Solidworks part file, the same component is named 'TestOne' under the Solid Bodies folder. By renaming the Solid Body name to 'Clutch Case', Composer will import the file and name the actor GUID as 'PClutch Case' (P = Part).


                  Give this a try and let me know if it resolves your issue.

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                      Stephen Bittner

                      I think I found the issue:


                      "If you want Composer to update correctly, you need to modify the Solid Bodies name to that of the original GUID name."


                      Haha!  Just kidding.  Thanks for the detailed answer.  I was not aware of the GUID and the issues with them.  This is a good work around, but to me, it seems as time consuming as just fixing the view and moving on.

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                  Jake Deslandes

                  I am  having a similar problem, I removed the thread from a set of screws and their respective holes in solidworks, saved as the same file name, didnt change the assembly tree or anything. Update in composer and my animation is all messed up. Actors that I never modified are way out of place and have lost their animations. Other actors have random animation paths now. So frustrating.