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Excel Field not updating during transition

Question asked by James Santangelo on Aug 22, 2017

We use an excel file for our change management process.  There are lots of transitions where the Excel data card variable gets updated and then is reflected as a field in the Excel file.  For the most part most of them update on the excel file as intended.


CRNCS Working.png



Something is happening to 2 of them, CRN Closed By & CRN Closed By Date, during the last transition.  They show correctly on the data card....

Fields not updating..png up in the Excel Custom Properties, but for some reason the "Link to content" for these variables gets unchecked:


CRNCS Example.png


All the variables are shown as "Link to content" in the template:


CRNCS Template.png


It used to work correctly when in EPDM 2015.  The only different thing about these 2 variables is that these were Hidden via Control Logic on the Data Card until the Excel file was in a released state.  I've just changed that to eliminate that as a potential issue.  The Doc Control person will let me know if that fixes the issue.


We are currently on Enterprise PDM Professional 2016 SP4. Any ideas?