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    Is this EPDM file structure possible?

    Grant Kirkland

      I would like to set up a file structure with a project serial number and a machine serial number "within" each project number, such as:


      Project        Machine













      Currently our structure is:











      Is this at all possible? I can't think of a way to achieve this without the "machine" folders being created manually, since the folder card is so limited. This wouldn't be a deal breaker as we currently make all of our folders manually, but the added structure of the PDM template would be a nice convenience.

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          Austin Broeker

          I guess I'm a little confused as to what you're looking for. Are you wanting a way to automatically create folders and sub-folders with a specific naming scheme using a "template" in PDM? Or are you wanting to change something on the folder data cards? Or are you strictly asking if it's possible to create you're proposed folder structure?


          Do either of these threads help answer your question?

          Folder structure template

          Subfolder Creation via Template

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              Grant Kirkland

              It looks like the second link is what I am talking about.


              We have "projects" which have separate "machines" within them. I'd like to have a serial number for the top level "projects" folders and another serial number for "machines" which pulls the above project folder name and appends the lower-level "machines" serial number.

              Like a loop in a loop.


              I think it would require creating a serial number for each "project" which at that point basically defeats the purpose of the automation.

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                  Craig Schultz

                  Yeah you'd need a separate SN and task for every machine.


                  You could set up a task to pull in the folder info from the 000x level, then you'd input the -XX suffix for the machine.  Not totally automated, but it will pull in all the folder info to search for and populate files with.  I do this with our folder structure.  I have separate templates for Product, Family, and Size


                  Type of product

                  --> Product Family


                  -------->All relevant folders (parts, ID, product definition, etc, etc) which pull in info from above to populate file props.

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                      Grant Kirkland

                      I'm glad someone else has run into this already. I was beginning to think I was alone.


                      So what you're saying is manually make the folders top folders 0001, 0002, 0003, etc. and have a template for "New Machine" which would pull the 0001 information, append -00 and then I would need to manually change the -00 to the number I want?

                      Am I understanding correctly?


                      When you say a task, is that something in EPDM?

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                          Craig Schultz

                          Yes inePDM....



                          Task 1: Create new type of product. (Ford) [Your Project Number]

                               This creates just one folder and populates this with folder card variables.  Some of which gets put into parts/assembly properties.


                          Task 2: Creates a product family/name (F150) [Your machine number]

                               You have to input the family name in this template card.  This creates a sub folder under Ford, which combines  Ford F150 into another variable for another property.


                          Task 3: Creates size folder (XLT)  [You could bump this up to your task for the machine number]

                               You have to input the size in this template card.  This creates a folder called XLT, with sub folders (Colors, Engine, blah blah blah).  So now any time you create a part or assembly in these folders, the drawing templates get populated with "Ford", "F150", and "XLT".  That way you know exactly which product the part belongs to if you only have the print.


                          I also have the search card set up with drop down menus that dynamically change depending on which Product/Family/Size combo you select.  It makes it a lot easier to just search for the product--->family-->size and then input lock ring into the part name to do a search, instead of wading through folders or through the files returned from the search.

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                    Jason Capriotti

                    How do you know how many machine sub folders you need...the quantity seems to vary in your example?