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Draftsight activated but app doesn't start

Question asked by It Suppoprt on Aug 22, 2017

HI guys,

Not sure if it happened to anyone else-installed latest Draftsight (64 bit, SP2, OS Win10) for a user, had it activated (email came through, link clicked OK, activation confirmed) but from then every time user tries to start the app it shows the message "An email has been sent to the address you specified. Click on the link to complete the activation. If you cannot access the email, do yo want to activate again using a different email address?" If you click yes then it takes you through the whole process of filling up the fields for the activation (which we tried to complete using a different user email address but the second email never arrived). And if you click no application doesn't start. Screen blinks and this is it.


If anybody came across this bug could you please advise what steps I can try to rectify the issue?


Thank you