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    Dennis Dohogne

      I have reluctantly been using SWX2017 SP3.0 for the past two days, but only because the files had been saved there and I could not use 2016 on them.


      So just now I got this lovely error while trying to send the crash report, hence the Error^2 title:

      It is adding insult to injury.

      ONE and TWO, and only ONE and TWO!!

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          Jim Steinmeyer

          that is fantastic!


          I would even settle for Two & One.

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            S. Casale






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              Dennis Dohogne

              I just replicated the crash and got the same error message!!  At least it is repeatable!


              For what it's worth, I had two sessions of SWX2017 open on my two screens.  I was making a new assembly using a lot of stuff from another assembly.  I was using Ctrl+C to copy parts from the old assembly and Ctrl+V to paste them into the new assembly in the other session.  So far, so good.  BUT when I tried to do the same thing with a subassembly it consistently crashes when trying to paste the subassy into the new assembly.  I'm using SP3.0.  No, I am not interested in trying to navigate the Knowledge Base.  I'll leave that mess to the VARs and others with more patience for this crap than I have.


              Jim Wilkinson, I am tagging you since I tried, but could not send in the crash report.  If you are not the most appropriate person to notify then please pass this onto the right person.