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    I have a OBJ file I need make a solid or surface.

    Sheri Gillett

      It is complex. the file deforms or gets holes when the surface is created. I go through the tools, scan to 3D, follow the steps. Mesh wizard, surface wizard but the end result has tons of holes, is deformed or crashes. Any hints on OBJ to SW conversions?

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          Paul Salvador

          Hello Sheri,.. so, the obj will be used or converted (reverse engineered) and used in your design?.. or just a reference/placeholder for your design?

          ..if you just need to use it as a solid/surface reference,.. but the polygin/facet count is huge,.. you can reduce the facet count by using another program (meshlab, rhino3d or other mesh program) which shrinks the size down to something manageble?  (<20k faces)

          Otherwise, can you share it so we can look at it?... or, do you need someone to convert (reverse engineer) it for you?  That is, as a project/contract?... I'd be happy to help/quote it?.