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viewports - One section always locked?

Question asked by Alex Marshall on Aug 22, 2017

I'm a very new Draftsight 2016 user with a background in 3D modelling rather than CAD. So my understanding of the commands and terms used in Draftsight is very limited.


My model space contains the floor plan of a building with multiple floors. The different floors are laid out side by side in the model space.


I want to create a single sheet that contains two viewports. The page sheet is split vertically, with the first viewport showing a single floor and taking up the left hand side of the sheet and the second viewport showing the floor above, and taking up the right hand side of the sheet.


I type Sheet, and then N to create a new sheet, and I give it the name Sheet1.

This creates a new sheet showing the entire of my models space.
I type Viewport, and then 2 to create two viewports. V to make them vertical, and F to fit them to the page.
I now have three copies of my original model, 1 of which is locked, and no matter what I do I can't edit or change  it. I've checked that the normal Lock option is off.


I presume that I'm creating two new viewports, rather than splitting the page into two.


No matter what I do I can't seem to get just the split down the page with two editable (Scale and pan) copies of my model.


Any advice?