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Top 20 Most Accessed KB Solutions in July 2017

Discussion created by Steve Holland Employee on Aug 21, 2017
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Hi Everyone. Here is the list of most accessed KB solutions for Jul. To view a KB solution, click on the associated link.

RankSolution IdQuestion
When using NVIDIA® GeForce® graphics cards with the SOLIDWORKS® software, what can cause extremely slow performance?
What can cause the SOLIDWORKS® 2017 software to take a long time to start as compared to the SOLIDWORKS 2016 version?
General Hotfix for SOLIDWORKS® 2017 SP3 (SPR#1024009)
Why does the SOLIDWORKS® Resource Monitor display "system resources are running low" on 64-bit Windows 7 machines?
How do I repair or uninstall and reinstall Microsoft® .NET Framework components?
How can a user troubleshoot SOLIDWORKS® Enterprise PDM API add-in DLLs that fails to distribute or fails to load with error 'Failed to register the COM DLL' on client systems?
Why does a "system resources are running low" warning dispaly on Windows Vista® and Windows® 7 64-bit if not all of the Physical and Virtual Memory is used?
How do you troubleshoot the SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM Database Server service?
When launching SOLIDWORKS® or opening a file, why does SOLIDWORKS return "Could not load SOLIDWORKS DLL: GdtAnalysisSupport.dll"?
Is there a tool for SOLIDWORKS® Enterprise PDM that can help verify connectivity between a client and server or between replicated servers to ensure the server and service ports are accessible?
How can you restore a copy of a SOLIDWORKS® PDM file vault to a separate system from a SQL database backup (.bak) in order to test upgrades or troubleshoot vault specific problems?
Why is the task scheduler not starting?
When using the SOLIDWORKS® PDM 2017 SP0 or SP1 software on a high latency WAN client computer, what causes login to fail with the errors ‘Failed to obtain license’ and ‘License server is down or not responding’?
How do I diagnose and resolve the following error that displays when I startup or run SOLIDWORKS in a network license environment, 'Could not obtain a license for SOLIDWORKS Standard. Server node is down or not responding. (-96,491,0)'?
What could cause the error 'Archive server could not open windows registry' when creating a local view or attaching to an archive server from a SOLIDWORKS® Enterprise PDM client?
How is a local SOLIDWORKS® Enterprise PDM file vault view manually removed / deleted?
Using the SOLIDWORKS® Enterprise PDM Convert Task, is it possible to use a variable value from the data card of the source file in the output FILE name?
How can a clean uninstall and reinstall of SolidWorks be performed?  Is there a cleanup utility that can be used to do this?
How can the following error be resolved when double-clicking on a SOLIDWORKS® file from Windows® Explorer, 'Failed to load: swshellfilelauncherresu.dll. Can not start application.'?
What could be a reason for the error 'Windows Sockets error '#10054: Connection reset by peer.' seen in a SOLIDWORKS® Enterprise PDM log file?