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How do I keep the link between a part and its drawing after virtualization of the part?

Question asked by Boris Fratkin on Aug 21, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2019 by Tapani Sjoman

Hi all,


I have an assembly file with many sub-parts in it. Assembly file, sub-part files, and sub-parts drawings are all located in the same folder.

I am currently trying to make the whole assembly virtual, including the sub-parts, and save it all in a separate folder. Problem is, once I virtuzlie the assembly and the sub-parts, the link between the drawing and the parts breaks. If I happen to change one of my virtualized sub-parts a bit, the drawing to this virtualized sub-part would not correspond to the change.


Is there a way to keep them linked at all times even after virtualization?

Maybe I need to manually input the address to the drawing from the virtualized sub-part in solidworks somehow? Does anybody know?



Thanks a bunch!!