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    Motion analysis failed

    Tossapon Chaiyont

      Hello, I'm new to the forum and Solidworks. And I would appreciate some help in the following project.


      I have an error message show when I did a motion analysis by using a torque data point function as a crank angle from 0-360 degree.

      The error message is showing after calculation for about 2.3 sec.

      Is anyone have any idea to solve this problem?


      problem 1.png

      problem 2.png

      problem 3.png

      Sorry for my English.

      Thanks a lot.

        • Re: Motion analysis failed
          Bill McEachern

          This is just a guess as you really don't provide a lot of information about what you are after. But from a review of the images I would guess that maybe your input curve is discontinuous at around 180°. If you look at the differential of the torque angle curve it appears to have a discontinuity at about where is fails. So, in essence, if correct, your input curve is not suitable. It need to be continuous and differentiable over the whole thing. But it is hard to tell just by looking at the images. I would just manually smooth out that area and see if it completes or increase the number of frames to where it can be resolved might be another option.