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Update Design Table External Links with "Data / Edit Links / Update Values" in Excel

Question asked by M. B. on Aug 19, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2017 by M. B.

Can someone show me how to write a macro for the following tasks?  I can’t figure out how to Update Values (steps 1-4) within Excel.

- Open Part #1
- Edit Table or Edit Table in New Window

  1. Data
  2. Edit Links
  3. Update Values
  4. Close

- Open Part #2 and repeat steps above

- Open Part #3 and repeat steps above

- Open Assembly #1 and repeat steps above


One method is to have the externally linked Excel file already open before opening the Design Table but this method fails now with the Solidworks message “Insufficient memory to perform operation”.  This error message appears on some part/assy. files but not on other files.