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Question asked by Ananth Subramanian on Aug 18, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2017 by Ananth Subramanian

We have several assemblies, drawings and parts spread across various folders in a shared server. There are multiple assemblies that share the same part(s).

Let us say we have an assembly xyz.sldasm in folder c:\\xxx\yzx\sample_folder and it references to a part abc.sldprt that is folder c:\\xxx\abc\sample_2_folder. We have another assembly abcdef.sldasm in folder c:\\xxx\mnz\sample_3,_folder. It references to the same part abc.sldprt but it the part abc.sldprt has been copied to another folder c:\\xxx\abc\sample_4_folder and the assembly abcdef.sldasm references to it. There are several assemblies like that referencing to same part existing in different folders. Is there an automated way where we can change the references of the assemblies to point to the same part ie. abcdef.sldasm should also reference to the part abc.sldprt that exists in the folder c:\\xxx\abc\sample_2_folder. As there are several assemblies running in thousands we do not want to open the assemblies manually and make the reference change.