Jim Sculley

Erroneous Data in the gtol.sym file

Discussion created by Jim Sculley on Aug 18, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2017 by Jim Sculley

I've noticed some entries in the gtol.sym file that look like they have errors:


Line numbers are on the left.  Notice the extra decimal point at the end of each line.  It's the same in SW 2016 and SW 2017.


They do not seem to negatively impact anything from what I can tell.  I see things like this and wonder how the software deals with such obvious screw ups.  Somewhere in the code there is a workaround to deal with these 10 errors in a file with 7404 lines.


As a result of this screw up, I now have to put a workaround in my code so that when I try to turn '1.52.' into a number and it pukes, I can catch the error and remove the extraneous decimal point and try again.