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SolidWorks help or hinderance?  

Question asked by David Matula on Aug 21, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2017 by David Matula

Working on a drawing...and as I have been a big fan of reading what comes up on the screen so you know what your options are even if you don't want them.

I see a command that stays add view label.   Well this may be something interesting......lets add a label and see that the heck happens...well I get a empty annotation box.  That sucks....what was the name of that darn command...go back to that same view and right click and that command is gone...guess that would be good don't want to label a view more that one time...Go to another view....get the exact wording for that command in the right click box and then go to SolidWorks help.....type in letter for letter...since I have trouble with some letters always putting the L before E or some other version of that cause it sounds better one way or the other...

  One would expect that if you copy the exact spelling for a command that at least that would be the top choice in the help file then maybe some other view label options.  I ended up with the blank annotation because of some kind of file location thing is what I I expected the help file to show me the command and give me some details on how it works...not seeing a thing.....


How many times have you come across an option or some other command in SolidWorks....and tried to look it up in the help file and end up not getting the info you would expect?

No wonder I used to call tech support so much and people ask questions here all day long...the help file kind of


thought that maybe the Knowledge base would be of some assistance.....looks like a lot of reports on stuff not working right, and enhancement request....