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Manufacturing/ Machining to model - Capable?

Question asked by Paul Lemke on Jan 14, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2009 by Paul Lemke
There has been some question over the past couple of years at my company about machining parts to model and I wanted to survey at least people in the SolidWorks forum about whether or not they do and what industry do you work for. I am not talking about doing away with drawings completely. Obviously functional faces that are datums and GD&T must go somewhere and I absolutely do not think that the dimxpert is advanced to the point we can put all tolerances in the model. But I was wondering with the capability of cnc mills/lathes, cast to model, rapid prototyping and CMMs is the complexity of parts grown to the point where it is prohibitive to do FULLY defined drawings?

So copy the following and answer yes or no (sometimes=yes):

Machine to model:
Manufacture to model:
Inspect to model:
Fully detailed drawings: