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Lose Line Weights When Setting Un-related Layer To Not Print

Question asked by Stephen Bowman on Aug 18, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2017 by Glenn Schroeder

As my title indicates, the print/don't print option for layers seems to have some unintended consequences when used.  If I set a layer to not-print that layer does not print, as expected.  However it also adversely affects other layers.  For example, I have some construction lines on one layer and some dimension/locating lines on another layer.  When I set the dimension/locating layer to not print, the layer with construction lines no longer prints them as broken construction lines, but instead prints them as solid lines.  This glitch does not carry over to exporting as far as I can tell (if saved as a pdf the construction lines show up properly), nor is it related to any settings on the printer itself.  Anyone know how to fix this or should I just go for an enhancement request?