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Origin/Destination arrows issue with book_tag variable in formula

Question asked by Matt Simons on Aug 18, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2017 by Marc Wilson



I am having an issue with Origin/Destination arrows in solidworks electrical.


In the project properties, I have given the arrows this formula; BOOK_TAG + "-" + FILE_TAG


However on the drawing, the BOOK_TAG variable appears on the arrows as blank. The BOOK_TAG variable IS working in other formulas for other symbols. Why does it not work for the arrows? Is this a bug?


Here is a screenshot where you can see the 'blank' BOOK_TAG variable



Also, I would like to the origin/destination arrows to reference the components they are connected to. For instance, the top arrow, if complete, should say X11512-01-03 XK5-01.


Any help with this would be appreciated.