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Draftsight viewport - 2 problems

Question asked by Doug McCleary on Aug 18, 2017

Can anyone tell me what is causing the following; when;


#1. When I view a dwg in paper space the area in the view port seems to have some sort of additional view port (without visible border) that prevents me seeing the entire dwg if I have the dwg zoomed out. As I zoom in (enlarge the dwg) this view port grows until I zoom close enough that the title block is no longer visable. At that point, I can see the entire view port and dwg with in. It is almost like there is a second viewport within that is located in the lower right-hand corner of the paper. This only happens on one of my computers so I am guessing it is just a setting.


#2. When open a dwg in the same computer that was opened in a different computer I have to run "error check" before I can select any part of the dwg.


Any help is appreciated.