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    EPDM email notification - HTML not working in ver.17.3

    Sebastian Soyke

      Hi All,


      I just updated the Archive and database to run ver. 2017 SP3.  Until now my Email notifications were made with HTML code to give it a better look(from 2013). Unfortunately, it did stop to work with a new version of EPDM. Did anyone look at this problem before or do you know a guide, or SW solution how to use HTML code with email notifications? I did research it but could not find any info. I don't want to go back to standard text, it is ok but not good enough.

      For clarity, I don't modify the standard SW email template but use the workflow/change_State/SendMessage.

      Below is working email and in attachment an HTML code and not working example. At the moment We do have dozens of notification templates, and they all stopped working. Having them in this way works well, and we also use auto print paper copy, to print to do list for documents which have to be auctioned by departments. The picture below is the least complicated and don't have too many confidential information.


      Working Email:

      working style.jpg