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Empty view shells in drawing?

Question asked by Alex Lachance on Aug 17, 2017
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I've had this bug for the past 5 years and have been trying to figure out what causes it and how to fix it and I haven't found anything. I recently found out that this bug was the cause of many other major bugs we had in our company.


I am currently running on Windows 7 (French version, it does matter from another bug I've had before).

I use an AMD FirePro V7900 as a graphic card

18GB of ram

Intel i7 @ 3.60GhZ

SolidWorks 2017 SP 4.0

I also use a third party program to generate my properties called CustomTools. As far as I'm aware I've had the bug both with and without this add-on so I've ruled it out of the equation.



Here is my situation, hold on tight as it may take a while to read the explanation.


When I make a new drawing, there is almost always empty view shells floating around. I do not know where they come from because my templates are empty. Those view shells generally represent every view available in SolidWorks, including Annotation views. In order for them to ''show'', I have to use the ''View>Show/Hide>Show hidden views'' which, by the way, doesn't work correctly. It doesn't show the hidden views when I use it unless I change sheet or save. When that trick doesn't work, I end up clicking around in the drawing for about 15 minutes until I can locate them as a blind man would. When they hidden views do show up, like the screenshot below, there is no way to make them show a model, they will always remain a big red X.


Here is where it gets tricky. Those view shells are not shown in the feature tree. Not only that, they are not linked to a sheet, they are linked to the drawing itself. What I mean by that is that the views show up on every sheet until you erase it from one sheet. When the views are all erased from the sheet, they never show up again on any sheet whatsoever.


Those views seem to be linked to the drawing but I haven't found a way to get them to show a model...


I usually have between 8 and 14 empty shell views floating around, I was hoping I could find either what causes it or a solution to it or even both.


Here is a screenshot to show you what I mean, I have also uploaded a .sldprt along with a .slddrw for you guys to see it. There is 9 empty shells on that drawing




Hopefully I'm not the first to get this bug and some of you can help me out with this.