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Library Feature Orientation problem

Question asked by John Belding on Aug 17, 2017

Good afternoon all,


I am currently working on a SolidWorks macro, a portion of the macro requires me to insert various library features. The problem I am having is defining the library feature such that the orientation on the part is correct. I have attached a copy of the current library feature, it requires 4 faces references (More on this in a moment), 2 on each solid body, as well as an axis.


The library feature is supposed to create a counter bore and drill hole in the first solid body, and a catcher in the second (as per the library feature file attached) - It was initially setup for 2 face references, one on each solid body, however, I was unable to control the direction the holes were created (as I was just referencing a single face/plane) I added the other two references (using driven smart dimensions values), hoping it would fix this, however, I am still running into the same problem.


The application for the feature is to create the above mentioned features in two plates straddling a part with a reference axis. The problem is the features are cutting in the reverse direction into the parts, instead of the plates.


Please let me know if this is enough information or if I can add anything to make it clearer.


Kind Regards,