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Question asked by Dacia Monroe on Aug 17, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2020 by Richard Wagenaar

Using HSMworks Premium for Solidworks, with a Axiom CNC Router.

Newbie with HSMworks and this Router.


I have attached photos of our problem.
We have created a toolpath that looks exactly like what we want using the 2D contour feature. The simulation includes the large radius in the file. The simulation is successful and we are able to generate a code. When we go to cut the piece you will see the radius is missing. We have resaved this file to make sure it is the most current.


What would cause the large radius to be ignored during cutting?

Is there any solution that jumps out at you? Is there an obvious setting we might have checked or unchecked


(We have successfully cut similar curves on this machine from HSMworks, though it was completing a pocket operation not a contour.)