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    Need efficient assembly copying techniques

    Shane Sparks

      Any tips on copying this assembly into same master assembly with slightly different properties? Using 2017 version.

      I just want to make sure that folders, filenames, and derived sketch naming is respected.



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          John Matrishon

          Not quite sure I know what you're asking with "properties", but sounds like a job for Pack N Go for step one.  Or it could be a configuration thing with configuration specific custom properties....need a bit more info to really help.


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            Iain McEwen

            Hi Shane,


            If you're saying you want 2 different versions of this assembly in the master assembly, you could create configurations within this one and then use each configuration at the parent level? Saves duplicate files and having to make changes in more than one place!

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                Shane Sparks



                This comes from making two different versions with same name in two different directories, is there a cross-linking of files within the assembles at a higher level.  It seems like my parts are not unique even if they are in different folders.

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                    Steven Mills

                    Yeah, when you have a file open then try to open another file of the same name it uses the already open file. And you need to remember that when you have a drawing or assembly open in SW, all the parts and sub-assemblies that drawing/assembly uses is considered to be open as well. Solidworks 101. It's a big reason why companies make sure to have unique assembly, drawing, and part numbers.


                    It sounds like you need to put both of the assemblies into the same overall assembly or drawing, but there are several parts that are named the same between them? Quickest way to fix that problem is to open one or both (ONE AT A TIME) of those assemblies by themselves in SW, and do a Pack and Go on each, while adding characters to the file names (a prefex or suffix) of the files (MAKE SURE NOTHING BUT THE ASSEMBLY YOU ARE USING P&G ON IS THE ONLY THING OPEN IN SW). Then when you have two assemblies with diffrent part/sub-assembly names, you should have no problem with using both in in the same drawing or higher level assembly.

                    -Otherwise you are going to have to manually find the files that both of those assemblies share the names of, and re-name them with unique names within one of the assemblies using "Save As" on each file. (AND ONCE MORE, MAKE SURE YOU ONLY HAVE ONE ASSEMBLY OPEN IN SW AT A TIME WHILE DOING THIS. It is very important.)


                    A little trick I use when I have similar named files, or suspect I'm using the same name as I've used elsewhere, I put a time stamp on it -> 201708220903 (year, month, day, hour, minute = YYYYMMDDHHMM). A new unique number every minute that I will not use again. Also helps the files sort themselves in the windows explorer and other file-list programs.

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                  John Stoltzfus

                  Shane Sparks Are you saying you have multiple parts in different directories....  Like the others a little more info would help

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                      Shane Sparks

                      Yes, same file name in different directory, I have no stock parts library yet.  I think you and others provided answers below.

                      An example is I have a gusset that I thought would be the same, but actually changed in a different assembly, so now needs a new name for sure by convention.  But if I don't have unique names it would be nice to have isolation, either by different directories or with the references list not changing when I don't want it too.

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                      Dan Pihlaja

                      Some really good ways have already been shared (configurations, pack-n-go, etc...)

                      This way might be easy as well:


                      Open master assembly, open sub assembly.

                      File Save as... on sub assembly.

                      Select this option:


                      Then add the newly saved assembly to the master assembly.    Then open new sub assembly and update properties and others things as needed.