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    Title Block Automation

    Nicholas Gromak

      Hello all,


      I'm using SW 2015 and would like to automate my drawings.  I would like the drawing to look into the File Properties of a part for the Material field and print what is there.  If no one put anything in this field I would like it to just print SEE BOM in my title block.


      I know how to do the first half $PRPSHEET:{Material} but I don't know if there is an IF statement that I can put into a field in a drawing that will check for a blank and print SEE BOM in that case.


      Thanks for your time,



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          Dennis Dohogne

          Try filling in those properties with "SEE BOM" in the template.  That will set the default values displayed and should solicit someone to overwrite them with more specific information.


          We do something similar.  In our part and assembly template properties we have Modeled By and the value is filled in with "Your Name".  It looks pretty stupid when it shows up on a drawing so the guy goes back and edits it in the part/assy file.

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              Nicholas Gromak

              Hi Dennis,


              This is exactly what we have currently set up.  For parts our material field has dimensions and material.  For example 3/4" x 2" M/S PLATE x 3.400".  For assemblies however the material field just has SEE BOM.  I would like to get it so that the drawing level is as quick as physically possible.  Right now we have to check the title block to see if everything is correct and enter the appropriate data.  I wish for a scenario that we never have to look at the title block and just trust that the equations in SW are working to fill in the blanks.


              Since I am relatively new to SW, I thought I would start with something simple like using the IF statement.  I was wondering if it can be used in this manner; to link properties between files or is it only restricted terminology.


              Thanks again

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              Scott Stuart

              Here's how I implemented it at my place.

              1. In the drawing template I put $PRPSHEET:{Material_Description}
              2. In the part template I put custom property Material_Description with a value of "SW-Material@@Default@Part.SLDPRT". (My part template is Part.prtdot, but a value of "SW-Material@@Default@Part.prtdot" doesn't work. I had to change it to Part.sldprt to get it to work.)
              3. In the assembly template I put custom property Material_Description with a value of "SEE BOM".