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    Variables in Serial Numbers?

    Adam Meyer
      Is it possible to have variables referenced in a serial number? For example, say the part number is a combination of the project number and an incremental number (ie 1234-01, 1234-02, etc) where 1234 is the project number.


        • Variables in Serial Numbers?
          I can't see that it's possible straight away when you pick up Serial Numbers -> New Serial Number. However you can make and add-in for it since there's an option for "Serial Number from Add-in".

          Another approach can be:
          1. You make a variable to hold the serial number, for example variable named 'Number'
          2. Then in 'Part Number' you set up Input formula as: 'Part Number' = 'Project Number'-'Number'

          • Variables in Serial Numbers?
            Mauro Morbidelli
            Yes it's possible.
            I have a customer that using the folder name inside the serial number generation and it's working fine. You should create a variable "Folder name" and link from "Variable data card folder" to Folder name. Before that you should open the Folder Card and to create a text linked to "Folder Name" ( for the variable name ) and for the Default Value select the Special Value button and "File name" inside the selection combo box. Unfortunately the documentation is poor or doesn't exist . I loosed a lot of time to discover that .
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                Joy Garon
                Hi Mauro,

                You are correct in that the ability to get the foldername (using the special value filename) is an undocumented feature. (I wasn't aware of it either until I tried it).

                However, It still would not solve his problem since a variable cannot be used in the definition of a serial number. I think the option you were suggesting is that there are three variables on the data card: one for the serial number, one for the folder name and one for the part number which uses an input formula to concatenate the folder name and serial number variables together? (Actually that won't work either since and input formulas vaules need to be 'input' into the data card (like a list selection)).

              • Variables in Serial Numbers?
                Adam Meyer
                What I was hoping for would require a separate serial number sequence for each project.

                For example, if I created three parts for project 1234 the part numbers would be 1234-01, 1234-02, 1234-03.
                Next, if I create a new project 5678, the first three parts for that project would be 5678-01, 5678-02, 5678-03.

                So the serial number sequence would depend on the project number.

                Looks like I have to learn how to create add-ins.