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Circle to Intersection Point of Line and Object

Question asked by Kevin Reuss on Aug 16, 2017



I want to set the force constraints for a Finite Element Analysis with a Macro.

My Object is centered in the Coordinate System and I read the Forces and Positions (for 5 fingers) from a file.


My idea was to create a Vector from the fingers position to the Center and look for intersections with my Object. That works fine, but now I have to create a new surface on this intersection point to apply a force to it. The area should have the size of a fingertip and I think a circle with the right radius will be a fair approximation.

After the circle is created I can use the split line Function to create a new surface with the size of this circle.


But how can I create the circle I need for this?

Maybe the Intersection Point is on an edge.


Is there a way to project a circle onto the surface of the object and create a surface out of this projection?


Or do you have any other ideas?