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Electrical SQL Database

Question asked by Jaco Van Den Berg on Aug 16, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2017 by Marc Wilson

Hi guys

I just got a few questions regarding Solidworks Electrical.


1. Is it possible to work on solidworks electrical with the SQL database in different offices? but having all the different offices being able to work on the same project and the SQL Database must be used by all the companies.

2. Can solidworks Electrical open an E-plan project?

3. what SQL database is solidworks electrical using? is it the full SQL database or is it using only SQL express?

4. when wiring Cables or wires in the 3D side, the EW-PATH sketch can it use splines and arcs as well? because if I got lines with only 1 spline or arc in it then it doesn't do the route, but the moment i remove the arc or spline then it route it correctly

5. I add a subassembly in my main assembly. that sub assembly has the sketch that I want to use for the path. but for some reason it doesn't use that route. i tried to rename that sketch to EW-PATH, I tried to convert that sketch using the "create routing path" nothing works, but when i create a sketch afterwards manually (outside of the sub assembly) then it works fine.


hope these questions make sense, please let me know if I need to try and explain it more.


the first 3 questions are critical and I would like some info on it please, the 4th and 5th question is somethings that I picked up that might be an issue.


thanks in advance for helping me.


kind regards