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Plotting multiple specific views of an object through transient thermal analysis?

Question asked by Ashlee Craven on Aug 15, 2017

Hi all. I am undertaking a transient thermal analysis with 200 time steps. The object I am analysing has 10 "notches" that I individually want to analyse in detail. This would mean that I am looking to produce 2000 thermal plots (for each "notch" at each time step).

Naturally I want to automate this as much as possible. I am looking to find a way to set multiple default views, each of which is focused on 1 notch. I want to execute the thermal analysis and automatically have every of the 10 views plotted, resulting in 2000 plots, which I will then use the "publish report" feature to compile the results.

I have managed to produce automatically the thermal plots over all steps for the overall object (i.e. one view only) but want to know if there is a quicker way to set views rather then conducting the analysis 10 times, each time changing the default view to the detailed "notches". If anyone had any tips for this or knows an otherwise efficient approach that would be much appreciated!