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Overwhelmed with sheet metal table options...  Help!

Question asked by Tera Hansen on Aug 15, 2017

Yeah I don't know what I'm doing.  K-factors, and bend deductions, and bend allowances, there are so many ways to come to the same solution.  How do I know what is best? 


Our situation here:

Multiple bending machines on the floor.  Some of the older machines use the same radius regardless of material type and thickness.  Others are newer and have the ability to change it based on the material thickness.  And of course K-factor is different per machine, material type, and radius.  So what's the best way to standardize this so all of our engineers are using the same numbers?

Based on what little understanding I have, I'm thinking a version of this for each machine with the K-factor left blank:


So now this is where I get confused.  What is the best way to control the k-factor from here?  Is there a way?


Thanks in advance everyone!!