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SolidWorks Routing and ISOGEN .pcf files

Question asked by Lakhvinder Singh on Aug 15, 2017

Hi All,


I have been looking into getting SolidWorks Premium mainly for Piping projects (currently I have SW Professional). I am looking at modeling the piping in SoildWorks and then saving/exporting the piping model into .pcf format. This .pcf file will be imported into a pipe stress analysis program to do the stress analysis on the piping.

I have heard that SolidWorks does not save the piping file (.pcf) properly, and it will have errors opening it in the pipe stress analysis software. Has anyone encountered this problem, or any advice on this please?


2. The second option is SolidPlant, which is a SolidWorks partner. Have anyone used SolidPlant and any comments on it please?


Thanks in advance.