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Custom property tab builder lists - Which is better - Excel vs internal list?

Question asked by Carrie Ives on Aug 15, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2018 by Peter Kuhn

I'm updating our custom property tab builder. As part of that update, I plan to add the engineer's names. In the past, the company I worked at had an Excel spreadsheet that included everyone's name (about 20). We only have a few engineers here, so I don't need a lot of lines. I'm leaning towards just using the list in the Property Tab Builder.


I may end up adding a list of finishes. I think this would be handled more readily by Excel. If I'm going to add the finishes, should I just put the engineers names in Excel also?


At this time, I don't expect a long list of finishes, but I expect that list to grow. Would you have the Property Tab Builder look at extra blank rows so the spreadsheet could just be updated when needed or would you plan to update both when you had to add more lines? Or would you leave placeholder lines "TBD Finish 1" perhaps so that the spreadsheet would only need to be updated?