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Edit VRML (.WRL)

Question asked by Andrew Long on Aug 14, 2017
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I hope someone can help, We have a PCB thats been designed in KiCad and exported to VRML.

I'm unable to open this in a useable format with Solidworks.  

Mostly Solidworks hangs and fails to respond and when I do get it to work the resultant 'model' is unusable either it crashes Solidworks or is extremely slow and still uneditable.

There are 3 import options as per this help file:

  2017 SOLIDWORKS Help - STL, VRML, and 3MF Import Options


The first option works mostly but leaves you with an unusable model

The second option doesn't work at all

and the third option does work sometimes, SolidWorks opens it, crashes, but manages to save a .sldprt when you open this part it's very laggy and still appears to be unusable.


I've tried a few free VRML viewers and it appears fine in them. I just need to get this across to .sldprt in a usable model state.


Any help would be most appreciated!