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    Problem while creating templates

    Haitham Al Hassanieh

      Hey all

      So I created a template and I opened it with Solid Works 2014.

      Now I have a Title block at the bottom left of my drawing.

      When I add a new sheet I expect a new sheet with a similar title block to that on the first sheet.

      which means When I change the title in sheet one from TITLE to BLABLA, I expect the second Sheet to have BLABLA in the title Category.

      This doesn't happen however. Instead I get the following warning and on the second sheet, I get the same look of my title block in sheet one, but the content of the categories does not change. (So if I change from TITLE to BLABLA) in the first sheet, and add a second sheet, I get TITLE and not BLABLA in the title category).

      Perhaps anyone can help me solve this problem.




      Thanks and cheers,



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          Glenn Schroeder

          I'll try to help.  First, when you change the drawing title from TITLE to BLABLA, how are you doing that?  Are you going to the drawing properties and changing it there, and then the note in the title block, which is linked to that property, updates automatically?  That is the usual procedure, but it doesn't sound like that's how you're doing it.  From your description it sounds like you're editing the sheet format and inserting the information there manually.  If that's the case, I wouldn't expect new sheets to show the same change.  Is this an accurate description of your situation?

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              Haitham Al Hassanieh

              Thank you Glenn, your description is accurate. The Goal is to establish a link between the different Sheets in the drawing, so that when I modify the title block in the first sheet, the titleblock in all the other shields changes automatically with no Need to Access every tittle block in every sheet at a time. This would save a lot of time, as we have drawings with up to ten Sheets, which we would like to modify.

              Would you teach me how to achieve this?.. as I am not getting further so far...

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                  Glenn Schroeder

                  I'll be happy to help.  First, you need to set up some drawing custom properties.  Start a new drawing and go to File > Properties.  You'll get a table that looks similar to the one below.  This one has all my properties already set up, so you won't see the same information.



                  Instead of entering the information you want in your sheet format, set up a property here.  Pick a name for your property from the drop-down when you click in a box in the Property Name column, or type whatever you want to create a new property.  Next, enter the information in the Value / Text Expression column.  Click OK to close the table.


                  Next, go to "Edit sheet format" and select the note as if you were going to edit it, but instead of typing the information, click on the "Link to Property" icon in the note's Property Manager (see the red arrow below)...



                  ...and select the desired property from the drop-down.  Click OK, and the information you entered in the Custom Property table will automatically be placed in the note.  Exit the "edit sheet format" function and save the sheet format.  Now additional sheets that are added using the same sheet format will automatically have the notes filled out with the correct information.  Below is a screenshot of my title block on a new drawing before entering any of the information in custom properties.



                  Last, be sure to save this drawing template so you don't need to repeat the process of setting up the custom properties every time you start a new drawing.  #2 at Frequently Asked Forum Questions and #26 at FAQ - Part 2 may be of some additional help.