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Modifying base part dimenions

Question asked by Todd Carpenter on Aug 14, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2017 by Todd Carpenter

I have an assembly, with a part inserted which is actually a part, with an inserted part (base part).  I can't seem to access the sketch dimensions in the base part from the assembly.


Here's the "structure":






I've tried BasePart@DerivedPart-1, DerivedPart-1@BasePart, DerivedPart-1/BasePart, BasePart/DerivedPart-1 and so far, SolidWorks throws the following error:

"GetParentComponentByNameTree Error: Component not found for name '<insert attempts from above here>' in component path"


Can anyone tell me how to access sketch/feature dimensions in the BasePart?  This is my first time working with a part made by inserting another part - I'm stumped.