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Modelling a 3D geometric shape

Question asked by James Dolan on Aug 14, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2017 by James Dolan

I have been trying to model a 3D irregular geometric shape. I've done a basic model of a very basic pyramid and then a Snub disphenoid - Wikipedia, both by drawing triangular sketches and turning them into surfaces, each time creating new planes at the correct angle, intersecting a vertex of a triangle shape I had previously drawn - similar to this video: Create a D4 (Tetrahedron) Using Reference Geometry with SolidWorks - YouTube.


I now want to draw irregular geometric shapes of non equilateral triangle sides. Is it possible to draw points in 3D space as construction points. And use these as references for the planes to be constructed. i.e coincedental with a vertex of a drawn triangle, and this 3D point in space. Then in the new plane I can sketch a new triangle that is defined by these 3D points in space which I could move around (either by defining their position by coordinate system, or otherwise) and create new surfaces this way.


I hope the above is explained well enough to make sense. Might take a couple of reads.


Thanks everyone, have a good day.