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Hole Callout Annotation calling out wrong depth

Question asked by 1-GU0ZA0 on Jan 14, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2009 by 1-GU0ZA0
I am currently retro-fitting all our product line with a .50 DIA .100 deep spotface to use as a color coding system on our machined chassis. Our chassis are all 1.37 DIA and this spotface is coming in the side of the chassis.

Whenever I dimension the spotface using the Hole Callout annotation it dimensions the depth wrong. Instead of a .100 depth I keep getting a smaller number. I have figured out what it is doing but do not know why it is doing it. It is dimensioning the hole depth from when the .50 DIA completely breaks the surface on the cylindrical part not when it first hits the surface.

I know I can override the dimension easily and have for the past 15 parts but it is getting increasingly annoying having to do this. I know this is hard to visualize so I am attaching a pic to better illustrate.

Does anyone know why it is doing this or having the same problem?

Any help is appreciated