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    Adding new part in context within assembly and getting "default templates are not valid"?

    Dave Krum

      Good morning All,

      I was working on an assembly on my home PC with SW2015 over the weekend.  I have the same settings (I believe) as I do on my work SW2015 copy (at least for the default templates and file location of template).  For some reason, I'm getting the "default templates are not valid" error when trying to add/create a new part within the context of the assembly I'm working in.  I checked and my settings for the default templates as well as the file location are the same as on the hard drive at work (and I always use the same steps for creating a new part in context).  So not sure what can be given me the error but its annoying.  I never tried adding a new part within context of assembly on home copy so something may not be set up properly from the start at installation time.  I checked out a thread from a few years ago but its kind of not the same as mine.  Here's the link from 2015:

      Adding New Part: Default templates are not valid?!


      Here's the error I'm getting at home (but using the same steps within that assembly its fine at office):


      Here's my settings in options: (same files as at home):