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    Simulation of fluids by time

    Johan Rodríguez

      Hello everyone, I have a problem when performing the simulation of two fluids in Flow Simulation. I have designed a cooling system with two independent pipes; One tube is copper and carries refrigerant gas and the other tube is stainless steel and carries hot potable water. The copper tube is spiraled around the stainless steel tube which is straight. I would like someone to tell me if I can do a time study where the refrigerant gas enters the copper tube first and then after some time when the stainless steel pipe is cold, get the drinking water in.

      Attach a guide image so they can better detail it.


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          Ryan Dark

          Hi Johan,

          I'm basing your answer on this phrase in your poste:


               "...then after some time when the stainless steel pipe is cold, get the drinking water in."


          If you are interested in seeing how your system cools the fluid then you may want to set initial conditions for both fluid domains and both solid bodies for the cool temperature then start the analysis by sending the warm water through your pipe.  This, of course, would assume that your system has cooled the pipe to a steady state temperature with no water flowing through the pipe.  The fluid inlet for your pipe would then be at the warmer temperature and be cooled by the initial temperature of the system and the continual pumping of coolant through that tube as well.


          You would also turn on the the time dependence of the flow project and periodic saving in order to see the change over time but it seems like a fairly straight forward setup to run.