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Pack & Go with External Global Variables

Question asked by Greg Sims on Aug 13, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2020 by Oliver Tilbury

Hi Everyone,

I'm having an issue when I pack & go parent assemblies when the subassemblies each has its own externally linked .txt equations file. My basic file structure is like this:


    • 12345A_CHILD.SLDASM
      • 12345A_EQUATIONS.TXT
      • 12345A01.SLDPRT
        • 12345A_EQUATIONS.TXT
      • 12345A02.SLDPRT
        • 12345A_EQUATIONS.TXT
      • 12345A03.SLDPRT
        • 12345A_EQUATIONS.TXT
    • 12345B_CHILD.SLDASM
      • 12345B_EQUATIONS.TXT
      • 12345B01.SLDPRT
      • 12345B_EQUATIONS.TXT
    • 12345B02.SLDPRT
      • 12345B_EQUATIONS.TXT
    • 12345B03.SLDPRT
      • 12345B_EQUATIONS.TXT


If I pack & go one of the child assemblies to create a new one (in the above example, I might P&G 12345B_CHILD.SLDASM to create 12345C_CHILD.SLDASM), it works just fine. It creates the new child assembly, all the new parts, and the new .txt file, and everything is linked correctly. However, if I P&G the PARENT assembly somewhere else, then every single subassembly and every single part breaks its link to its corresponding .TXT file, and instead links to the very last .TXT file in the list. In the above example, if I were to P&G the parent assembly, then 12345A_CHILD.SLDASM and all of its parts would be linked to 12345B_EQUATIONS.TXT and therefore it's now broken. This is extremely problematic with huge assemblies with hundreds of parts. In the project I'm working on right now, this has happened with all 31 subassemblies and all 288 of its parts. Everything got linked to the last assembly in the list, and is therefore broken and I have to go through the tedious process of correcting it. Costing me about half a day. The misdirected link occurs not only in the newly packed & go assembly, but also in the original assembly, so there's no unbroken model to revert back to.


Does anyone have any experience with this, or how to correct it? Our company has multiple divisions and I need to be able to P&G this model to one of our other divisions ASAP.