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Rendering display on a model of a computer monitor?

Question asked by Graham Milne on Aug 10, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2017 by Paul Salvador

Hi all,


I am messing around with some models of computer monitors I found on 3DContentCentral.

In all cases the models have blank screens. What I want to do is render the scene using PhotoView 360 but with content on the monitor, rather than just a blank face.


I have been able to put my mock-up desktop image onto the model using Tools>Sketch Tools>Sketch Picture and importing a screengrab (png) of a real desktop.


It looks good in the model, but when I try and render it reverts back to a dull flat grey surface.


1.) Is it possible to render this sort of thing  in PhotoView?

2.) If so, what steps am I missing?

3.) Finally, if it is possible, can it be set so that the monitor glows during render, as if that face was set to Backlight LCD under the appearances tab?


I'm using SW 2017.