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    hand painting to sketch?

    David Matula

      Looking to do a 3d model for a friend that wants to see how much it will cost to cut his picture out of some material wood plastic glass....who knows...


      1.  what file type do I try to get him to send me of the artwork?  pdf  jpg.....

      2   what program convert that file to a usable sketch so that I can make him a 3d model with out spending 80 hours trying to sketch over a picture in SolidWorks?


      I know of the auto trace or sketch picture function in SolidWorks but it does not do a great job for most of the pictures and scans that I have gotten from my friend.  There has to be a better way to convert a hand painted picture to cad than I can think of....




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          Chris Dordoni

          Inkscape is free and has an autotrace function. It's not perfect however, so you still may need to spend time editing. If its a very complex design, Adobe Illustrator's ImageTrace does a really good job and Adobe does offer a free trial.


          Autotrace requires enough pixels to get good results. I think a good value is close to 3000 pixels in the longest dimension so for letter size art that works out to about 300 dpi. If the art is very detailed and or very small, a higher scanning dpi might be needed.


          PNG is the best format to use in my opinion, unless one knows how to adjust the compression to give the highest quality when saving a PDF or JPG.